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Aiming at absolutely perfection is the supreme pursuing with the brilliance as chore principles, which is promotion of the human nature explaining as great truth, great love, great sincere and great wisdom, and which is the sublimation from status of self to no self. This reference is from The Book of Rites, The Great Learning of What the great learning teaches is to illustrate illustrious virtue, to renovate the people, and to aim at absolute perfection.

Tianrey has been insisting in principles of excellent service, perfect action and same staying. We are striving for operational philosophies of integrity, unity, innovation and service illustrating that integrity is the foundation of our personhood and works, unity is the kernel of our teamwork, innovation is our pursuit of the technology and service is our life and at the same time, the permanent promise to customers. 

So many years, all staff in Tianrey has been rapidly developing under the extremely difficult condition with their spirits of hard work, perseverance and optimism. We still hold the view of God help those who help themselves. As long as we make most of ourselves to run business, we will be awarded the social recognition.

Tianrey is committed to develop freeze drying industry, provide professional technology, satisfy customers’ demanding, get trust from clients, create competitive value for customers, service pharmaceutical industry, and make endeavor to promote industry’s development. We determine to develop from freeze dryer provider into mainstream supplier of freeze drying system as a whole solution. Meanwhile Tianrey will extend industry chain ceaselessly to be the first class pharmaceutical industry supplier in the world.